What is Race to Zero?What is Race to Zero?

The Business Case for a Net Zero WorldThe Business Case for a Net Zero World

A strong economy needs strong collaboration between government and businesses. Businesses already committed to a net-zero future share their best practice and how government can support the private sector in reaching Slovakia's net zero commitment.

The Automotive Industry and the Net Zero FutureThe Automotive Industry and the Net Zero Future

Automotive is the bedrock of Slovakia’s economy, creating 12% of country’s GDP. The transition to green vehicles represents a huge environmental and financial opportunity. But making the switch to greener vehicles is often easier said than done.

Financing Net ZeroFinancing Net Zero

In this session you can learn what support and initiatives are available to combine recovery with a just transition towards a sustainable economy and the role the financial sector can play in supporting your transition to net zero.

The Net Zero through Circular EconomyThe Net Zero through Circular Economy

Focusing on decarbonising the energy and transport sectors alone will not be enough to achieve a net-zero carbon economy. We need to address all sources of CO2 emissions, which is where the circular economy comes in.

SMEs for a Green TomorrowSMEs for a Green Tomorrow

Small and medium companies constitute of more than 99% of the total number of businesses in Slovakia. They are, therefore, central to the green transformation.

Closing RemarksClosing Remarks