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Dear Reader,

Welcome to our May Newsletter!

May has brought more positive changes in the coronavirus restrictions in Slovakia. After many months it was so great to be able to go and sit inside a restaurant! 

The hospitality and tourism sector was hit the hardest and many of our members were affected by it. That's why we are planning an event around hospitality and tourism; "Reigniting the Slovak economy through Hospitality and Tourism" and how this sector can recover from the pandemic.

We all know that it will take more than this summer to repair the damage caused by the pandemic but it is encouraging to see how much the domestic gastronomy and tourism industry is ready and waiting for the return of travel (I think we as customers are more than ready to go as well). 

With this event we want to bring the public and private sector together to discuss plans and strategies that can help with the recovery and also to highlight the importance of this sector to the economy and wellbeing of the nation. We are inviting a UK speaker to hear from their experience and get insight and inspiration for the Slovak market.

Ahead of G7 Summit (the Group of 7 countries), the Business 7 (B7) summit took place this month highlighting the significant role businesses are playing in reigniting the economy. Economies across the world are facing challenges but what is certain is that businesses have a key role in finding solutions and that tackling climate change is everyone's business. Now that the focus is on recovery and resilience plans, our Chamber is bringing many events creating a lot of opportunities for our members and partners.

We are also planning our AGM on 15 June, and this time, hopefully, we can meet in person. Watch out for more information on that!

A day after our AGM, the BCC Global Annual Conference will take place and it is an other event not to miss! It will be held over two days virtually and both days will feature an impressive roster of senior political figures (Alok Sharma, President for COP26 amongst many others), Leader to Leader ‘In Conversation’ sessions, panels, interactive workshops and essential keynotes, exploring how we can restore confidence and build a more resilient sustainable future that supports businesses to recover, grow, invest and thrive. Book your free guest pass now!

With summer on the horizon everybody is looking at making plans for their holidays. Thanks to the continued success of the vaccine rollout, we all hope for more easing of restrictions both here in Slovakia and the UK.

When travelling to the UK please follow this link for more information and also follow korona.gov.sk to keep up-to-date with measures and restrictions in Slovakia.

Take care and kind regards,


Hajni Hayler

Executive Director
British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic
AGM 2021
BCC Global Annual Conference 2021
Doing business in „CzechoSlovakia“ – issues relating to VAT, permanent establishment and travel reimbursements
Reigniting the Slovak economy through Hospitality and Tourism
In conversation with Jonathan Knott
Back to Business
The leading role of sustainable buildings and green energy in Slovakia’ economic recovery
Speed Business Meeting
Crowe CZ & SK webinar
Crowe CZ & SK webinar
Doing business in „CzechoSlovakia“ – issues relating to VAT, permanent establishment and travel reimbursements

In today’s global world, companies’ business activities often cross borders. For many reasons including common history, very close language, and shared culture, many Slovak companies operate in the Czech Republic and vice versa. Many managers in the region are responsible for leading teams made up of both Slovaks and Czechs. Very often questions arise, such as:
  • whether the provision of goods and services should be invoiced with or without VAT?
  • how do I register for VAT in the other country?
  • what circumstances create a permanent establishment?
  • how to process travel reimbursements (if a person from Czechia works for a Slovak company or vice versa)?

Presenters: Jiří Šindelář, Lenka Dvořáková, Veronika Žáčková
Date and time: Thursday 17th June at 10.00am CET
Language of the presentation: Slovak/Czech

The webinar will be delivered by experts from Crowe Czechia and Crowe Slovakia: Crowe Czechia and Crowe Slovakia provide tax, accounting, payroll and audit services and are independent member firms of Crowe Global, a top-ten global accounting network.

The event is free of charge.

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Following the B7 Summit, the business federations of the Group of 7 countries (“the B7”), publish their joint statement, setting out key recommendations for G7 leaders, ahead of the G7 summit.

The B7 communique, the final policy document, clearly sets out B7 recommendations for the G7, as well as business commitments, as we shape a global recovery which delivers an economy fit for the future and look to build back better for all.

Download the communique to read the statement and detailed recommendations in full.

The B7 is comprised of the CBI, BDI, BusinessEurope, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria, Keidanren, MEDEF and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
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