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the summer vacation season is over. We believe that you have rested and gained new strength, because the following months will be packed with attractive activities and events. A look at our calendar shows that they will attract a diverse audience: from networking, through social events, to professional conferences. We will be happy if they catch your attention and you decide to participate in person ;)
Events overview
  • Event of the Month: BritCham Annual Meeting
  • Export Forum 2022
  • Visa King Global - welcome a new member of the BritCham family
  • UKCA: mandatory labelling of goods for the British market - free webinars organized by the British government
  • V-promo offers a discount for all BritCham members
  • Take advantage of the discounts on the annual subscription and advertising by our media partner - The Slovak Spectator
  • Teaching Towards Tomorrow - we are preparing a continuation of the round table debate
  • A calendar of upcoming events for September/October 2022
Reminder for BritCham members: The General Annual Meeting will take place on 27/09/2022 at 15.00 at the Loft Hotel
Info for Britcham Members Only:

Annual General Meeting of the British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic ("BCC SR"), with registered office Mostová 2, 811 02 Bratislava, 
will take place on September 27, 2022, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
in the LOFT Hotel, Štefánikova 4, Bratislava,

with the personal participation of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Slovakia & Honorary President of the British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic, Mr  Nigel Baker.

1.      Opening by the new Executive Director of BCC SR, Ms Žaneta Kúdelová.
2.     An overview of the activities carried out in 2021 and the outlook for the year of 2022 will be presented by the Chairwoman of the BCC SR Board, Ms Miroslava Remenárová.
3.      Approval of the 2021 Annual Report and the 2022 Budget, included in the Annual Report.
4.     Approval of the 2021 Financial Report.
5.     OPEN DISCUSSION on changes in the payment system of membership fees from January 2023 for better planning and easier predictability of the further development of BCC SR.
6.      Election of members of the Board of Directors for the next two-year term according to Article 14.4 of the Statute.
7.    Closing speech by our special guest, Mr Nigel Baker, British Ambassador to Slovakia and Honorary President of BritCham.
8.      Closing of the meeting by the Executive Director of BOK SR, Ms Žaneta Kúdelová.

We look forward to your participation in person or online.

The list of candidates applying for membership in the BritCham Board of Directors, as well as ballot papers for those members who will not be able to participate in the elections at the General Assembly in person, were sent to you in a separate email on September 13, 2022, along with instructions on how to vote.

Export Forum 2022
Export forum - a unique opportunity to discuss the needs of Slovak exporters with top representatives of the state.

The Export Forum is a platform of economic diplomacy to discuss the setting, priorities and tools of Slovakia's export policy. It offers entrepreneurs direct contact with economic diplomats and other actors of the state administration. It is a place of presentation and provision of pro-export services.

We invite you to listen to the discussion on the topic of New trends and challenges in the automotive industry where Ms Miroslava Remenárová, Chairwoman of the BritCham Board of Directors, and Corporate Affairs Manager, Jaguar Land Rover Slovakia will actively join the panel discussion on this topic. 

At the end of the event, successful Slovak exporting companies will be awarded for their extraordinary contribution to promoting the interests of the Slovak Republic and cooperation in the field of economic diplomacy.
Welcome a new member of the BritCham family
provides professional legal advice and efficient administration of visa applications for business and personal immigration purposes.

Immigration lawyers and a global team  based in London, offer advice on all areas of UK immigration law.

 is part of Canfields Law Limited, accredited by Lexcel.

Contact information
Phone: +44 203 0111 456
Change is coming: from January 2023, most goods intended for the British market will be compulsorily labelled with the UKCA mark
If this topic concerns your company, take advantage of the opportunity to obtain important information about the mandatory labelling of goods with the UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) label from the most professional. It is free of charge. The change to the marking of goods will apply in the UK from January 1, 2023. It applies to most goods that previously required CE marking.

In an effort to make the transition to the UKCA regime easier for business, the UK government is running free seminars through .
Visible Promotion's discount for all BritCham members
a member of BritCham, offers services in the field of advertising and marketing. Creation of professional 360° 3D tours of interiors and exteriors of premises and their professional processing is Visible Promotion´s domain. Thanks to them, the website visitor can walk through a gallery or a park, look around in a store and cafe or an international exhibition centre.

Offer for BritCham members: 15% discount on the total bill for services.
Murgašova 2506/11a 
92701 Šaľa
Phone: +421 907 567 301
Our media partner, The Slovak Spectator, offers discounts to BritCham members
  • 10% discount on top of the discounts already provided in The Slovak Spectator newspaper and in special yearbooks for advertising of at least 1/4 page for BritCham members
  • 20% discount on top of the discounts already provided in The Slovak Spectator newspaper and in special yearbooks for advertising of at least 1/4 page for BritCham Patrons
  • discounted annual online subscription to The Slovak Spectator at a price of €27.50 without VAT (the price for this product without discount is €33.25 without VAT).
If interested, contact the Spectator sales team directly 

Note: Already provided discounts range up to 60% of the list prices; BritCham members get an extra discount on these already discounted prices.
Teaching Towards Tomorrow: we are preparing a continuation of the round table discussion
In cooperation with our member, the , we are currently discussing the second round of the debate named Teaching Towards Tomorrow. Soft skills training will be the central topic this time.
Calendar of upcoming events
BritCham CEO British Breakfast - the first of its kind
BritCham CEO British Breakfast - the first of its kind


Sep 14, 2022
(9 AM - 11 AM) (GMT+2)


Loft Hotel Bratislava
Bratislava, Bratislavský k...
Golftrophy 2022
Golftrophy 2022


Sep 23, 2022
(8:30 AM) (GMT+2)


Sedin Golf Resort
Veľké Úľany, Nov&ea...
Speed Business Meeting
Speed Business Meeting


Sep 28, 2022
(4 PM - 7:30 PM) (GMT+2)


Lindner Hotel Gallery Central
Bratislava, Bratislavský k...
CEE Automotive Supply Chain 2022
CEE Automotive Supply Chain 2022


Oct 11 & 12, 2022 (GMT+2)


Holiday Inn Žilina
Žilinský kraj, Slovakia
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