British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic

The British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic (BCCSR) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating and developing business relationships between the United Kingdom and the Slovak Republic. The BCCSR works diligently to forge new opportunities both foreign and domestic for its members while delivering events, building connections, and offering marketing solutions.

The British Chamber provides an ideal network for business people to facilitate dialogue and thus create opportunities for cooperative business ventures throughout Slovakia. The BCCSR is comprised of almost 120 corporations, small businesses, mid-sized companies, individual members and entrepreneurs representing the majority of business sectors within Central and Eastern Europe.

The British Chamber maintains a special interest in Public Affairs, Legal Services and Tax Development. As such, it regularly hosts events highlighting these key points of interest including workshops, seminars, and conferences. Other popular events include social, networking, and sporting events with underlying professional premises. The numerous activities the BCCSR delivers allows its members excellent targeted marketing opportunities while instilling a keen sense of camaraderie.

Event Details

WEBINAR on Tips on How to Present Effectively Online

In cooperation with our member KPMG

When - Wednesday 8th April at 10.00 for 45 minutes.

The price - free webinar.

Webinar is for our members only.

Online live webinar covering tips on how to manage stress associated with presenting online, how to deal with questions and keep your participants engaged. We will also discuss how to prepare your environment including lighting, microphone, etc. and presentation for online delivery.

The webinar will be presented using Microsoft Teams but the tips can be applied to any tool that you are using for online presentations.

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Tatiana Hargasova (Head of KPMG Business Institute at KPMG Slovensko spol. s.r.o.)

Tatiana Hargasova

Head of KPMG Business Institute at KPMG Slovensko spol. s.r.o.

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